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Want to see what’s going on there?

My name is Eliza and I love sex!
  • ElizaFable

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I was a modest little girl from a model family. I was brought up on etiquette, I studied well and performed at various school conferences. Until one day I met my first lover. He was a brutal rocker with a bunch of fans, he loved sex and drugs. I was 16 when, one day, I came to his house. We had sex, I did blowjob, and he caressed my bust and clitoris, when suddenly the doors of the wardrobe opened and a naked handsome guy stepped out. I was in shock! They calmed me down and tried to persuade me to have sex three. I refused, screamed, tried to escape, but they forced me to intimacy. All night I was fucked, licked and kissed. All night I did blowjob and screamed, enjoying double penetration. One of them was gentle, the other - rude. One kissed and caressed me, the other roughly had me in my mouth. After this night, we began to meet together. We had sex in a cafe, in a movie, in a park, in a slum. We smoked grass and drank whiskey, we went to clubs and bars, we seduced other girls and held sex parties. Each of them was jealous of me and liked me in their own way, and I received a double portion of real pleasure. When we parted, I realized that I became a nymphomaniac. I tried sex with 6 different girls and 27 different men. But I have never met such a passion. Now I'm a grown-up sedate girl from a good family. In real life I'm a make-up artist. But every night I come back here to find someone with whom there are no boundaries in sex, to find someone with whom I can reach the highest point of pleasure. Write me, I want to give you the best orgasm in your life SHOW MORE

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